Sunday, October 08, 2006

Injury update

Yesterday I ran 3.2 miles for the first time and felt strong throughout on hills and had a kick in the end. I've been back running for the past few months but couldn't get past 2 miles due to my achilles just not responding. Just have to continue building a foundation and my goal is to run the Thanksgiving Day 10K in downtown Cincinnati. I have about 7 weeks to double my mileage, that may be doable. I'm running or cross-training 5-6 days a week now getting back to enjoying it again now. For those that care, there's an update.

Yesterday as well was Megan's 8th birthday. Somehow, our middle child is 8 years old, I don't understand how that happens. Nicki went into labor with Megan in my 1st semester of seminary (talk about major transitions) while I was writing a philosophy paper on the problem of evil. Let's just say that wasn't an omen. Megan is sweet, kind, obedient and likeable. Like her mother, she has a high value on following the rules at all times. A trait I can't relate to, but its nice having those types around :) Megan is a joy, I'm very proud of her, and somehow she just keeps getting older.

Church is coming to our house this morning. I love that reality.


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