Thursday, October 25, 2007

Humanity acting inhuman

This is from my bro's, Jason Evans' blog in San Diego. Getting the word out on the other side of the humanity efforts. Even amidst so much good, evil lies waiting for its opportunity to spread darkness. These are the places where Jesus followers need to stand up.

sd firesd fires + harassment
October 25th, 2007
As many of you know, many of us in our community have been feeding the volunteers collecting donations at the Chicano Park donation drop point.

Yesterday, our group of primarily gringos experienced some resistance to serving the primarily Latino volunteers. We came to find out that earlier in the day, they were harassed by the Minutemen and some people came to take away donations, which the volunteers at this station allowed. Why did this happen? Because this drop point is trying help undocumented, non-English speaking people as well as others directly effected by the fires.

Because of this, the volunteers were hesitant to trust. Were we spying, trying to hurt them somehow? We talked with the organizers and some of the tension was relieved. Trust can be hard to come by sometimes.

This morning, Brooke, my kids and others from our community went to the donation drop point again. Our group was delivering breakfast to the volunteers. Four police cars arrived aggressively questioning the intent of the people working this drop point. It was an ugly scene. Seeing only kindness and generosity expressed by these volunteers, my children drove away now afraid of the police because of how they treated the volunteers.

I was planning on sending out a hopeful note this morning. I wanted to share with you about how beautiful it has been to see San Diego’s often divided groups come together and work together peacefully in such a dark hour. But instead I feel I need to get the word out on this.

This is not the time to put citizenship or skin color over humanity. Some of you may not agree with my ‘political leanings’ and that is okay. I will be honest with you, this is not political for me. I don’t want to sound pious, I say this with the utmost sincerity, I am compelled to stand with these people because I am a follower of Jesus.

Please get out the word about this. If you are in the area, go to Chicano Park and use your presence to provide protection to these people. Yes, I am asking you to trust me that the intentions of this group are for good. You are going to hear otherwise. Be prepared. But please act, pray and publicize this.

As a last note, SD IndyMedia may be the best place to find out about this stuff.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Celebrating Harvest

We no longer live in an agricultural influenced economy. We don't even live in the industrial age anymore. We now live in an age of networking, information and technology. Our Christian history is dominated with societies and cultures built around agriculture where life was cyclical and experienced in seasons. Seasons of sowing and hard work, and seasons of reaping and harvest (also hard work). They were dependent on the soil, dependent on God's creation, in tune with the land they lived on. The Church calendar reflected these seasons of living and it was common for the church to take time in the Fall to celebrate Harvest. Celebrated God's provision and but in touch with the Creation all around them.

Times have changed. I've never farmed a day in my life. I sit in my inside office, under electric lights and stare at a computer screen 95% of my work day. I am blessed to have 3 large windows in my office but it oversees a parking lot and the Interstate highway. If I don't plan for it, I can't be in touch with God's Creation and stay in my digital/electric world. I think its important for Christian community to celebrate the harvest time of year and keep in tune with the thousands of years of God followers in our past and give thanks with them.

This Saturday evening, my wife and I are hosting a harvest party with many of our church community and friends to celebrate God's goodness, his provision and (weather permitting) enjoy outside. That means lots of chili, cornbread etc. and a fire outside. I'm looking forward to this feast as a time to reflect, remember and celebrate within God's Creation and with His Community.

peace to your harvest celebrations,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Cali fires

I had to call my bro, Jason Evans, last night in San Diego to make sure him and the family are okay. Mike Bishop and I went out to San Diego for 4 days of rest in August just to visit and had an amazing visit. I fell in love w/ San Diego and more in love with our friends there and their Kingdom community. Praying for those who suffer today, praying for mercy, praying for the Church to care for the needs of the people.

On a lighter note, I'm stoked (no pun intended) that the Evans' are coming to the Nati this weekend for a short visit. My wife and I are hosting a Harvest party at our house on Saturday evening with community folk and hoping them and the Rains clan can chill with us. The Harvest is a time of year to stop and give thanks for the blessings in our life. I am not thrilled with every aspect of my life right now but I can tell you emphatically that I am filthy rich in friendships and community. For that I give thanks and I look forward to breaking bread with some of them this Saturday evening. mmmmmmmm, chili!


Monday, October 22, 2007

welcome back

wow, i didn't know i was taking a 6 month hiatus but i guess i did. i think i'm ready to come back. i miss many of my reader friends and being a bit connected to a larger community.

Nicki and I started a new house church several weeks ago as a part of the ordinary community network and its been really fruitful in a short amount of time. i think its the way community is supposed to be, organic, natural and authentic. we're just getting started yet but intimacy has been there from the beginning, that's a God thing. Last night we talked about our need to control and the anxiety that comes from it. We're workin' on trust, faith and giving it all up to Abba.

Just got back from a week vacation to Disney world with the family and read a kind of book i never read. Read Tony Dungy's book "Quiet Strength" and it kind of scratched me where I itch. Just reading how a guy dealt with so much external adversity but yet kept a quiet and inner strength. Not sure I'm very good at that a lot of times. I know how to lose my temper, need to work on that calm beneath the waters thing.

Apparently Jesus slept through a storm. So a lack of peace can't be blamed on external circumstances. No peace is a lack of faith and controlling things that we can't control. Its insanity and I do it daily. Jesus sleeps through storms, I want a piece of that action.

random note: I still think of Palmer and Chad all the time. i miss my bros and long to see what they see right now in Kingdom come.

I'll keep writin' and try to earn some readers back.