Wednesday, November 22, 2006

mmmmmmmmmmm, tasty books

Ok,Christmas is coming so its time to check out a good book sale. You have to go here: Bean Books Clearance Sale

There are so many tasty vittles on this list at cheapy cheapy prices. Expand your mind, take some down time, buy some books and do a bit of reading. Books as well make for better Christmas presents than chia pets or pink bunny pajamas. Well, maybe not the pajamas, but definitely better than chia pets.

Reccomendations you ask???? Here are a few:

1) The Secret Message of Jesus, McLaren
-Our house church is in the midst of reading and discussing this presently. Its a good, readable overview of Kingdom theology
2)Left Behind in a MegaChurch World, Ruth Tucker
-Written by the same woman who wrote the classic missionary textbook "From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya". I read this on the plane to Seattle, she nails some of the church cultural shifts and issues nobody else is talking about.
3)Emerging Churches, Bolger and Gibbs
-This book interviews the practitioners in emerging churches and tries to report on the scope of the movement
4) Ragamuffin Gospel, Brennan Manning
-Ummm, if you haven't read this, what are you thinking? This is a classic.
5) Community and Growth, Vanier
- Haven't read this, been told its great. I need to pick it up.
6) Rennovation of the Heart, Student Edition. Dallas Willard
- I used this with high school seniors and it opened the doors wide open for the real stuff they were dealing with.
7) Divine Nobodies, Palmer
- Another book I haven't read but heard of its goodness.
8) Myth of a Christian Nation, Greg Boyd
- I bought this, waiting to read it. I've become a recent fan of his.
9) Praying with the Church, Scott Mcknight
- Perhaps the keenest mind out there right now in emerging church circles. To quote Zoolander, "that Mcknight, he so hot right now!"
10)Prayer, Richard Foster
- Best overall book I've read on prayer, another classic and perfect gift idea. Who can't improve their outlook on prayer?
11) An Army of Ordinary People, Tony Dale
- Haven't read it, love the title :)
12) The Message New Testament in small paperbacks. ONLY $4!!!
- I would call these house church pew Bibles.

Ok, there's my plug, now I'm off to do some book shopping.

Make sure to feast w/ Thanks tomorrow.


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