Monday, October 13, 2008

Re-cap of my sports weekend

Ok, LA, you made it a series, now your only down 2-1. But do you seriously want to get into a brawl with the city of brotherly love? Botox ridden, juice drinking, left coast liberals do not want to incite physicalities on the city that bleeds Irish violence. Hollywood, have you not seen Rocky I-IV? 90210? Seriously, you do not want a piece of this. See ya tonight where this movie for you won't have a good ending. Manny, the next one is coming at your ribs.

Ohio state won, but they are not the best team in the Big Ten. Penn State is back, Joe Pa is eternal. Kudos to Texas, Florida and Ok. State as well on huge victories. And to my newly adopted team, continued Guns Up to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

Bengals suck oh so badly. Do we have the desire and the perseverance to successfully pull off an 0-16 season? Let's at least make history if we're gonna suck so badly.

apparently there is more to life than sports, but its a nice outlet none-the-less for me.



Pat said...

I hope and pray that there's more to life than sports, because I live in Seattle. Home of the 1-4 Seahawks (behind injuries to its top six wide receivers and top two quarterbacks); home of the Mariners (2nd worst team in baseball, and we couldn't even pick up the #1 pick); and the rotting shell of a stadium that used to house the Seattle Sonics, but city officials believe will be fully funded with a WNBA franchise (that lost its star center to injury).

Seattle sports sucks.

Have I mentioned the University of Washington's gleaming footballers?

(Good thing I'm a Gonzaga grad and basketball fan)..

Mike Bishop said...

Alz I gotz to say is

Geax Gators!

(In our community here we have a Illinois grad, a Mizzou fan, and a whole family of LSU fans. Needless to was a good day to be a Gator...)

Jody said...

I knew I liked your writing for a good reason...Tech nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with Nebraska but came though when they had to...cannot believe they're #7...when I went there, they couldn't score 7 in a game...

mike said...

How 'bout some love for the horns, huh -- guess they're kind of like the Cowboys (who also sucked recently) -- you either love them or hate them. And the Texans..they won but still sucked! With all the recent upsets in college football -- which I'd rather watch than pro -- it's shaping up to be a year full of heart attacks and pulling hair out. Gotta love the fall in the US of A.

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