Friday, August 01, 2003

Its 10:42 p.m. and I'm in an internet cafe in Kyiv, Ukraine above a punk club with raging music this friday night (lovin the vibe). Europe rocks! Its like 30 years more progressive than U.S. cities and 30 years more postmodern. The trip here was okay, pretty cramped flight over the ocean, but all in all, not bad. Been here in Kyiv (Kiev) for 2 days but leaving in the morning to travel west for a week to the more rural parts of Ukraine south of Chernobyl. Food has been good, a lot of chicken, potatoes, veggies, bread, tea, strong cafe' and the such. Spoke today at a church planters conference and of course managed to pick a few fights. The Baptists were downplaying the charismatic movement so I had to step in for my Vineyard brothers and represent. Of course I consider myself to be a charismatic as well so it was pretty legit. Been connecting with discouraged African american church planters in our group and coaching them thru some depression from running the "machine". Unplugging from the matrix is painful regardless of context. Have gotten the attention from some pretty cool young urban planters here in Kyiv. They are 25 and under and building communities amongst the addicts, street kids and postmodern groups of inner city Kyiv. They are looking for a sister church in the U.S. who understands them and would support their efforts. Yes, I''m going in for the kill tommorrow to make a proposal. All is well, won't be blogging for atleast a week, keep me in your prayers. May his Kingdom come, may his will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.


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