Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Celebrating Harvest

We no longer live in an agricultural influenced economy. We don't even live in the industrial age anymore. We now live in an age of networking, information and technology. Our Christian history is dominated with societies and cultures built around agriculture where life was cyclical and experienced in seasons. Seasons of sowing and hard work, and seasons of reaping and harvest (also hard work). They were dependent on the soil, dependent on God's creation, in tune with the land they lived on. The Church calendar reflected these seasons of living and it was common for the church to take time in the Fall to celebrate Harvest. Celebrated God's provision and but in touch with the Creation all around them.

Times have changed. I've never farmed a day in my life. I sit in my inside office, under electric lights and stare at a computer screen 95% of my work day. I am blessed to have 3 large windows in my office but it oversees a parking lot and the Interstate highway. If I don't plan for it, I can't be in touch with God's Creation and stay in my digital/electric world. I think its important for Christian community to celebrate the harvest time of year and keep in tune with the thousands of years of God followers in our past and give thanks with them.

This Saturday evening, my wife and I are hosting a harvest party with many of our church community and friends to celebrate God's goodness, his provision and (weather permitting) enjoy outside. That means lots of chili, cornbread etc. and a fire outside. I'm looking forward to this feast as a time to reflect, remember and celebrate within God's Creation and with His Community.

peace to your harvest celebrations,

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ben said...

Thank you and Nicki and the rest ot the Marshall clan for hosting - it was a peaceful evening. Also, the Marshall chili variety ranked #1 in this guy's humble opinion - and believe me I tried it all.