Sunday, August 03, 2008

Theophostic Prayer

Glenn and Cathy Johnson from Veritas Church and a part of my spiritual family came over last night and with Nicki led me through a intense few hours of theophostic prayer to get at the root of some of these painful and core lies that had me all tied up inside. All I can say is "holy maccaroni, batman!" It was an amazing healing experience. Healing memories guided by the Spirit of Christ. I have had healing visions for a few years that I had no idea were just keys unlocking deep places of anger, betrayal and disappointments and the hold they had over me.

These memories remain places for me that I can go to and see a revealed Christ, one who has never left me alone. There seems to be a real identity shift within me and I still have some depths to explore, but I'm looking forward to taking this new outlook for a spin.

I'm off to a night of extended worship and prayer with Ordinary Community Church tonight, let's get this party started.

theophostic prayer

peace to my journeyers out there,


Mike Bishop said...

Really glad Glenn and Kathy were able to lead you through that. Very cool in fact. Look forward to some face time this weekend. Definitely want to get in on some Holy Ghost mojo with you as well!


Al Martin said...

Nice! Good to hear.

Ronbot Van Helsing said...

"Theophostic Prayer Ministry" is Scientology in disguise.

A "TPM facilitator" (Scientology Auditor) leads the seeker (Preclear) through a "session" (same term as in Scientology Auditing) of "guided imagery" and "directed visualization" ("Dianetic reverie", "mockups" and "mental image pictures") towards "mind renewal experience" ("Clear") by dealing with past buried memories that may still be bringing you down today ("Engrams").

They claim that they seek to bring you to self-responisibility (Hubbard's "Self determinism") even as they keep you addicted to more and more "TPM Sessions".

They call each person's session a "case" (just like Scientology) and offer "training", "courses" and "seminars" (just like Scientology) in TPM Facilitating, which is simply Auditing without the E-meter.