Monday, September 08, 2008

Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to Victory!

Since the Bengals have decided to not even compete this year and the owner is ready to throw us into another decade of vomit-inducing play and decisions, I'll have to check back in with them next August to see if they want to be a real NFL team. For now I have no other choice but to pick back up on my Philly roots and give the Eagles first place in my football heart again. Typically for me each season its Bengals first, Eagles second, providing the Bengals field an NFL team. Since we havne't done that this year, it will be Eagles first now.

So let's let the fight song rip:

Fly, Eagles fly, on the road to victory
Fight, Eagles, fight! Score a touchdown one-two-three
Hit 'em low, hit 'em high,
And watch our Eagles fly
Fly, Eagles fly, on the road to victory
E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!


Al Martin said...

I'm with ya. But my reasoning is because I have D McNabb in 3 fantasy leagues...hehe

Mike Bishop said...

Do I even need to tell you who my fantasy QB is? Could it be a former Trojan who had a grand total of 58 yards passing in the middle of the third quarter?


Marsh said...

umm, Mike, this just in . . . the Bengals are horrible and getting worse. find a back-up QB on the waiver wire, I love Palmer but this team is putrid.

Bob Bowen said...

Finally took my advice....don't look back!!! Your Mondays will be far more enjoyable now that you've ditched the tiger pajamas for Eagle green

palmcop said...

Wow, there is so much effective info above!