Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why I Blog

Was kidding around today w/ Jerry, whom I work with because he accidentally found my blog yesterday. (btw, Jerry is Kingdom guy y'all should know) Because I've blogged for so long I don't even remember why I got started or why I put so much of my "stuff" out there for people to read. So I started going back and reading some archives and its really amazing to re-live some of those journeys. The joyous ones and the roads of suffering.

I think the reason I blog is that relationship is one of my highest values and commodities. Its important to me that I live interconnected with the world around me, particularly people. My blog is not about information, its about relationship and its about the flow of Spirit in my life. It is to be fluid and not static. It is not to be about me, but about the world I live in through my eyes. I find comfort in being connected to folk that I've never met, yet we share worldviews and life experiences.

I think another reason I blog is just an opportunity to proclaim the Kingdom. I don't preach anymore, I used to. It used to define my ministry, now its wholly something other. But there is no question that sometimes I blog sermons just to get them off my heart. I still believe strongly in Proclamation and the announcing of the Kingdom, I just choose to do it differently.

For my blog readers, I'm very thankful for this virtual community. It matters to me what you think and are experiencing as well. You keep me connected to a larger world outside my immediate context.

As always, stop and notice the Kingdom around you today,

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