Thursday, September 21, 2006


tommorrow night, OCC has planned a small gathering to just worship and pray and share the presence of Christ together. what is worship? its so powerful and yet so often trvialized. can we worship without strings attached? can it be done w/out needing anything in return? can it be done w/out a focus on self? can we worship if we knew that in it God would break our hearts? if we knew he would reveal the stench of our sin and not give us a good feeling? what is worship but a laying down of all that we are?

worship used to be a big show for me. within it all I forgot who I was. for a long time, i have somewhat forsaken it. but when i feel broken, when healing needs to happen, worship is what wants to pour out of me. worship ought to be primal, a roar of our soul. a reaching out for something more, a stretch towards our Creator.

i don't know what God is doing in my heart, so i desire to seek His face. i'm feeling prepared, pruned and yet the purposes are hidden. its not comfortable, I feel unsettled in a big way.

it has to be enough that it be about God and nothing else. if we don't worship, the rocks will cry out.

to OCC, let's gather and seek His face, the results belong to Him.

peace to you for a Kingdom Come,

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