Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Dreams of anxiety in the night,
Mind always racing weary of the fight,
Heart feeling reckless with no rest,
Why can't we just exist without a best?
Striving, seeking, yearning for goals without an end,
I thought we were supposed to just sit here and try to be a friend,
America the beautiful, thanks for all our stuff,
I'm afraid we missed the point cuz its never enough,
Contentment, peace and joy, we'll leave those for the poor,
How can I know when I've arrived, will somday I be sure?
The goals and lusts of this world are projected onto me,
Anohter Kingdom around me sometimes hard to see,
I wander today with a soul longing to go home,
I wonder if we'll ever live in the reality of Kingdom come.

peace to you,

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