Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back to reality

We left Orlando at 6:00 a.m. and just got in safely after dropping off the rental car and picking up our homesick dog.

What were the highlights?

1) Getting a call at 7:30 this morning stating that our car that we left parked outside Nicki's aunt's house near the airport where we picked up our rental car had all 4 tires slashed in the night with about 15 other cars in the neighborhood. Spent a half hour on the road making insurance claims and arrangements for towing and 4 new tires all while driving in Florida. And . . . this just in . . . its also been keyed all down both sides of the car damaging numerous panels. Can you say "Center City Collision" (i.e. Rains Auto Body)? I can. Talk to you on Monday, Kevin, as soon as I talk to the insurance adjuster.

2) 17 hours on the road and we only made 1 1/2 hours in stops all day. My kids Rock!! It helped that we had 3 different screens for DVD players and Nicki and I had 3,000 songs on the iPod. Either way, no kids puked and no major meltdowns.

3) We visited the Bishops in Jupiter, Fla on Sunday and they took us out on Amber's Dad's boat for a bbq south florida style. We hung out on an island that is a park in the middle of the channel and Mike grilled up some incredibly tasty burgers (we're stealing the recipe) and the kids swam and played on the sandbar. We were surrounded by million dollar yachts and multi-million dollar estates on the bay. Always good to hang w/ the Bishops of Florida.

4) Universal Studios is always a great time if you get there when it opens and leave before the crowd comes. We road all the rides we wanted in 3-4 hours and left as the crowd was still rolling in. Ali and I were able to do 6 roller coasters by 9:30 a.m. which always left my stomach in an uneasy state. The heat was . . . well . . . hot. There was not enough water in florida to keep my less than svelte body hydrated.

5) Great family time. Memories made and quality and quantity time spent with the wife and kids. After our 4th year in a row to Orlando, we're ready for a new vacation spot. Any ideas?


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