Monday, July 24, 2006

You Say You Want A Revolution


This is going to be a serious party. I'm a huge fan of Off the Map and loved the times I spent investing into them when they were first getting going. One of my mentors, Jim Henderson, has gone global now and there's gonna be some good conversation happenin' there. I don't pimp much on my blog, but this one I will throw out there and say "be there" (if you can).

Rains and I are going to do a workshop on neo-monastic simple church stuff and spiritually reflecting on this past year as we see the Kingdom moving. As well, we're gonna talk back to Barna in an interview re: his book "Revolutionaries" and spout off the things we agree with and particularly the things we don't. In the words of William Wallace, "I'm goin' to pick a fight" (insert Scottish accent).

Some of my favorite peeps are goin' to be there: Bean the Large selling books, J-Evans representin' left coast, the Lloyds of Portland, B-Mac (Mclaren to book readers), Rich and Rose of Seattle and Jason Clark (beloved Mac fan) of the British Isle.

All said and done, it looks like a great party and I'm looking forward to being there.


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