Monday, August 14, 2006

Psalm 50:2 From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth.

This is the Psalm reading from Celtic Daily Prayer on this 14th day of August and for some reason it was a reflecting point for me this morning. Yesterday at our OCC Community Gathering, we had a discussion on our beliefs of heaven and hell and learned that growing up some of us were as scared of heaven as we were hell. We just can hardly conceive of what "perfect in beauty" is. What is that experience like? Many of us concluded that if it means "rest", then that would be pretty good. From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth . . . that just sounds tasty. I want to rest in Him today and find my being there. Lately I feel as if I've lost my center and I'm interested in reorienting myself back to Him.

Our conversation yesterday really has just spurred so many thoughts and I want to continue it tonight with student house church. The continiuim of eternity of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. Being in the Kingdom and in the reign and rule of God. Being in harmony with His created order. Not exactly light topics.

McGillivary led our conversation so I led a bit of worship and as we sang "It is Well with my soul" I was completely captured by this verse:
My sin not in part, but the whole. Is nailed to the cross and i bear it no more.

I'm floored by this invitation. The forgiveness of our sins is NOT what salvation or Christianity is, but it is the entry point and its unbelieveable. Christ's work on the cross as the Redemptor of my sins . . . we can never lose the awe of our salvation. But salvation is not about going to heaven someday after we die, its about serving and loving our King, even now as we live in His Kingdom.

Big ideas, indeed.


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