Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MLB Baseball Preview

Well, since my boy Al Martin called me out, I can lay down some wisdom on the 2008 MLB Baseball season. First of all, I quit my fantasy baseball league so that I can focus on my doctoral studies I may be starting this summer. That allows me to now focus on teams and not just my individual players. Here is my take on the divisional winners-

National League:

East - Philadelphia Phillies, ok I'm a homer but they have the best line-up in the NL in a hitters park and their pitching is maturing in time to win the division. I see the Braves making a run and competing with the Mets for the NL wildcard. The Mets are the best team on paper but injuries will hurt them.

Central - I'll go with my homer call of the Reds due to much improved starting pitchers w/ 2 young studs named Cueto and Volquez. the addition of Cordero as a closer should mean the difference of 10 more wins. This is an above average team winning a poor division. Cubs, Cardinals and Brewers have little to no pitching to win enough.

West - Arizona Diamondbacks. nice young line-up but Webb and Haren are a lethal 1-2 punch. They both may win 20 games and their bullpen is solid. I saw them on opening day here in Cincy and I can't wait for them to leave town. LA and Colorado will compete, but I'll give the nod to Arizona.

American League:

East - im tired of the hype of this division so I'll just say the Red Sox because of their balance of talent. nuff said and purposeful omittal here of the team in pinstripes.

Central - wow, great division. I'll go with the Tribe because of Sabbathia and Carmona 1-2 punch but the Tigers will be right there and will win the wild card.

West - Angels. Loaded with talent as well, I love Vladi, most exciting player in baseball in my mind.

World Series will be the Red Sox vs. the Phillies and the Phillies win in 6! Ryan Howard NL MVP and Series MVP. The man can rake.

Feel free to fight back on these with your own comments, just know that your comments are wrong ;)



Al Martin said... is the real deal.

NL East
Atlanta - Lineup is killer. Teixeira will be NL MVP and Escobar will be added to the short list of elite SS.

NL Central
Cincinnati - Love the young pitchers. Phillips is a stud and the rest of the Central is weak.

NL West
San Diego - Starting pitching is nasty. Corners are 2 of the best young guys out there.

NL Wildcard - Arizona. Pitching wins out again. Mets will have 1/2 their team on DL by mid-May. Phillies will be right there.

AL East
Red Sox - DiceK, Beckett, Bucholz, Wakefield, Schilling and Papelbon will roll over the Yanks and Co.

AL Central
Tigers - Stout lineup and great pitching staff. Cabrera will be AL MVP.

AL West
Rangers are this years Rockies. Young and Kinsler are going to have huge years. I'm a homer.

AL Wildcard
Indians over Yankees. Yankee pitching is full of holes.

World Series
Tigers over D-Backs in 7. Renteria is MVP.

Write it down...hehe.

Marsh said...

take care of my boy, Josh Hamilton, down there. He's a stud and that trade is going to work for both clubs. Cueto just dominated today in his first start, Volquez up tomorrow i think.


Anonymous said...

My response to your NL Central pick:

Let's go Cubbies...
*clap-clap, clap-clap-clap-*

Let's go Cubbies...
*clap-clap, clap-clap-clap-*

the world is right and weather to wear shorts in...

mike said...

wait, wait, wait....I don't see my 'stros in any of these lists. Couldn't be that we've only got one legitimate starter could it? Oh well, looks like they put their eggs in the offense basket. Maybe we'll just score a lot on those other four days.

glenn said... are the biggest freekin' homer of them all!!! But you still let me watch Xn Cinema at your house so I guess you're still okay, Rat B.

And go Braves, even though TBS wilted and took our games away from us. Freekers.

Al Martin said...

Well my WS pick will be a first...a team starting the season 0-5 and winning WS...only 2 other teams have ever even made the playoffs after starting 0-5...doh.

All the more reason to root for the Tigers this year...hehe.