Monday, April 07, 2008

Random happenings

* I used to be the biggest fan and promoter of Skybus airlines that we've used a few times, most notably with $35 round trip tickets to New York City for Nicki and I in January. But Nicki and I were using them this past weekend to speak to our college's youth ministry senior retreat in Northern Illinois and after our Friday afternoon flight, they went out of business and stranded us in Wisconsin on Saturday. We had to rent a car and drive home from Milwaukee to Columbus to get our car and then down to Cincy. So a one hour plane trip turned into a 13 hour drive and no reimbursement plan, we have to dispute the charges on our credit card. So, not that Skybus cares, but I'm no longer a fan.

* I'm hoping for a good game tonight for the national championship in college hoops. It just started and its such a frenzy pace, makes me tired just looking at it.

* Last week I was accepted into a Doctorate of Organizational Leadership program with Indiana Wesleyan University. I now have to decide if I want to actually do it or not as it will define all my free time over the next 3 years. I sure like my free time but it may be a tool for me to eventually teach full time at the college level and get involved in the kind of non-profit work in developing countries that I have in mind.

* After one week, the Reds look pretty salty, I'm impressed.

* Took my kids out for ice cream tonight for really good report cards. I'm so blessed to have 3 great kids, I'm only truly "home" when I'm around them.

* If you sense the trembling in my typing its because I'm getting a vasectomy on Thursday afternoon and it has me fretting all week. The upside is that I will be sitting on frozen peas and watching Tiger Woods dominate the Masters tournament.

* I agreed today to run in a 4 person relay for the Flying Pig Marathon in 4 weeks. Not sure which leg will be mine but it will be slow plodded. So I'm trying to up my running and down my eating for the next 4 weeks to kick start some weight loss.

* I loved the extended time with my wife this past weekend, can never get enough of that.

that'll do for now.



Mike Bishop said...

I'll be praying for you and your 'boys' on Thursday:)

utech said...

little bit of advice... don't be a 'man' and take the pain - use the ice but also use the pain killers and if you are in any discomfort let your dr know. I won't give any details - just take it easy and rest!!! trust me.

Marsh said...

gracias, utech, words of wisdom

erickeck said...

Dr Marshall...

You will never look at a Everlast Speedbag the same.

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