Friday, April 25, 2008

striking a nerve

Ok, this issue has some really thoughtful and reflective people/friends posting on this subject so I wanted to list them here so you can check 'em out. I'm really digging their thoughts, experiences and voices on this issue of money/vocation/future church.

Steve Lewis

Kimberly Knoll

Mark Evans

Alan Creech

Glenn Johnson

Daniel So

Mike Bishop

Jason Evans

I'm sure much more is to come. Stay tuned.


Bob said...


Thanks for summarizing these. I took a quick scan of the conversations that are afoot. A couple of years ago, I'd be all up in arms as well.

But today, it doesn't bother me. And not just like I've become numb or anything. It just doesn't bother me. Build it, spend it, burn it, waste it, give it away, whatever. I simply don't find it important.


Paul said...

okay, chris, more thoughts along these lines. First, missionaries in the american culture (which is what i like to refer to "pastors" and "parishoner" alike these days) will have to jettison their idea of us vs. them, sacred space vs. secular space, professional ministry, us giving and them receiving. What we need to understand is that engagement with culture and our neighbors is what counts. When we are able to call them by name, hear their stories, and engage with them - that's magic. Relationships are king. Talk is cheap. If I hear another Christian talking at folks who are not yet followers, I'm going to tear my eyes out. Get up and go serve those folks. Get to know them, the good and the bad. Because you will see the good and bad in yourself. It's not a one way street.

Next, and this is really important, one of the reasons that our current church models are failing is because consumers are becoming prosumers. This isn't the case across the board, but it's a trend. A prosumer is someone who is about creating something, not just consuming it. Just look at youtube, blogs, iMovie, mixing software, podcasts, makezine, charity causes, etc. people want to be a part of something productive. what is our model of church? ? ? can we see the incredible opportunity we, the church, have with this trend?