Friday, April 11, 2008

Vasectomy completed, recovery in process

Boy, that was an interesting procedure. I won't go into details, but I'll just call the whole experience peculiar.

Kept a lovely conversation going on with Dr. Haaff, we covered the following topics:

* University education
* sons with developmental disabilities
* commercial development in our home of Liberty township
* running marathons and half marathons
* the astronomical rising inflation of Zimbabwe
* vacationing in South Africa
* WWII stories of his family immigrating from the Ukraine
* His grandfather having survived Siberia
* my desire to bring water and education to developing countries

So we got a lot accomplished on an intellectual level and I'm sure hoping he got accomplished on a procedural level what needed to be done.

I have very little soreness so I'm free today and throughout the weekend to watch the Masters tournament and anything else I'm in the mood for.

peace to your weekend,


erickeck said...

glad you in one piece... or pieces...

Bill said...

oooo, i forgot all about this,
did you see the smoke?
enjoy the peas

Marsh said...

I saw the smoke, I'll give details at a later date.

DGH said...

Wow, yeah I drove a friend to his appt. and then drove him home. I was yeah.. and experience.

ejs said...

and peas to your weekend, too... even if they aren't necessary.

Bob Bowen said...

Best part is placing the deposit in a couple months!!! hehehehe