Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Book Review Endorsement

I highly reccomend this book review site on Kingdom topics and issues, simple and missional living for followers of Jesus. Chris Smith is a friend and I think does a great job for busy folk like me to get some helps on future reading. Check it out.

Englewood Review of Books

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Jeremiah said...

Hey Marsh-

Thanks for the book recs. I have been reading The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective with our house church and, wow, it has been one of the most transformational books I have ever read. I have never been a fan of Meiers-Briggs type personality tests (don't put me in an effing box cause God may want to do something I ain't capable of!!), but this is good because it is founded in spiritual formation and acknowledges that when we are weak He can be strong. I also appreciate your vulnerability lately and have a hunch this could be a good tool as you keep making that difficult interior journey. I have a hunch that you have, like me, a little of "type 1" in you, especially with your desire for perfection and to see the world made right. peace brother