Friday, June 25, 2004

Been doing lots of homework for the Europe trip and the skeleton plan is set as follows:
July 28 - direct overnight flight to London from cincy
July 29- fly from London to Kiev, Ukraine
July 30-31 - teach at pastor's conference in Ukraine
Aug. 1 - Hang out with missional community in Kiev
Aug. 2- Fly to London in the morning, travel via train to Northumbria Community (Celtic new monasticism)
Aug. 3 - Day of solitiude and retreat at Northumbria Community
Aug. 4- train to Edingburgh, Scotland stay at hostel
Aug. 5 - free day in Scotland, stay at hostel
Aug. 6 - train to Manchester, England, visit record stores, stay in hostel
Aug. 7 - train to Cambridge, visit University, train to London, stay in 4 star (priceline) hotel
Aug. 8 - free day in London, stay with Paul McGillivary's family in Hethfordshire, England
Aug. 9 - train to Oxford, visit University and famous pubs of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, stay in Hethfordshire
Aug. 10- train to London and fly home to Cincy on direct flight

umm . . . I am really excited. I pray this is a true spiritual pilgrimmage for Palmer and I. That we experience the Kingdom in different cultures and give it away to everyone we come into contact with. and . . . errr . . . the pubs probably won't be bad either :)


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