Friday, June 11, 2004

Lots going on.
1) Happy 31st Birthday today to my wife Nicki. What can I say, she's the total package. I married over my head.
2) Had lunch with Palmer yesterday to plan our retreat time in England and Scotland this summer. More on this to come.
3) BBQ tonight. The Bests are coming down from Michigan for the weekend so you can be sure we will be watching the Pistons beating the Lakers again on Saturday night.
4) Sunday is the celebration of Ordinary Community's 3rd birthday, we are having a large gathering at a wooded property nearby with an open indoor space we use. We are baptizing 5 children and perhaps one baby dedication. As well we will be sharing testimony of our 3 year journey together so far, counting our blessings and looking back on the story God is writing amongst us.
5) Had my 2nd interview with Indiana Wesleyan this week, I think it went well, I'll know within a week if they are inviting me back for a 3rd interview. I'm hoping this works out as a solid part-time deal for me to go along with my day job and OCC gig.

blessings upon your weekend.


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