Monday, July 12, 2004

** Disclaimer **
I am about to give my opinion after watching Michael Moore's film Farenheit 9/11 and some of the issues that arise around it. If this will get you too riled up, please discontinue reading.

1) On a scale of 1-10, the movie gets a 3 overall (1 for footage, 1 for satire and 1 for soundtrack).

2) This movie is sophomoric in its attempt to make a point. He showed no restraint in making potshots, no discipline for arousing the jeers of an audience. It was a really un-intelligent attempt at a documentary. He does call it a "satire documentary" which I assume means take it as entertainment because it was by no means a documentary. It was 2 hours of the same stuff you can find in a 30 second T.V. spot on why not to vote for Bush.

3) I was really disappointed with the juvenile nature of his argument given the serious issues. The movie portrays many deaths of human beings and the reasons behind them. That kind of subject matter deserves dignity, reverence and responsibility. The movie offered none.

4) Numerous contradictions in rationale. He says that Bush spends too much time on vacation while at the same time arguing that he is a driven war monger. He says that the gov't spends too many resources through the patriot act infringing on our rights while at the same time pointing out that we don't spend enough resources on protecting our country leaving us vulnerable. That the Republicans and those in power have a lot of $ and can't understand the plight of the common man while not stating that of course Kerry and Edwards are both millionaires themselves.

5) Blatant racism. He suggests that he is standing up for the viewpoints of black america but treats with extreme satire the perceptions of other nations. He dehumanized the people of Costa Rica, Iceland and Morrocco with wide-brushed stereotypes to make his satirical point. I found this to be one of his largest hypocrisies.

6) Promoted the American ideal of entitlement. He suggests that we should offer military service and the benefits of job and education that come along with it without the threat of serving in a war. That somehow we are entitled to an American life without the threats of staying free or working hard for it. I believe that "entitlement" may be one of the root causes of the destruction of America. By the way, this is why I vote. Because I don't believe that I am entitled to the life I live but rather I have responsibilities that come along with my freedoms and my global-relative comfortable way of life. I continually vote for a small gov't that is big on personal responsibility.

7) No real prescription, just satirical description. The film offered no suggestions but perhaps the inference to vote against Bush in November. For what? For more of the same? You see, I'm not Republican, Democrat or Independent. I vote for the candidate who most closely resembles my economic philsophy. Its not about haves and have nots, its about consistent values at every level. I believe in hard work, determination and personal responsibility. So I vote for those who are small gov't. and yet compassionate. My cynicism tells me to vote economics because all the pomp and circumstance is really about $$, not people or platforms. So I prefer for the $$ to go to people and I'll roll my dice there.

8) My one agreeing point is the lack of credibility in going to war with Iraq. But not for the conspiracy theories that Moore tries to piece together. I never liked the decision to go to Iraq, I have always viewed it as an unjust war. It is eerily similar to Vietnam. I am very sorry that soldiers and civilians have lost their life there. I am pro-peace. I do believe that (forgive me pacifist brothers) there is such a thing as justified war, but Iraq doesn't fit the description. And yes, I do find it conflicting to be a follower of Jesus and someone who can support an atrocity known as war . . . I desire peace for the nations.

So what do I prescribe? What is my hope if it isn't voting against Bush in 2004? As I've heard my bro, Palmer, say many times, "I swear singular allegiance to Jesus". Follow his Way. Die to yourself, embrace suffering, turn the other cheek, seek to create not destroy, give life don't take it away, give mercy, offer grace, love your neighbor, pay attention to your character, offer hospitality to the lonely, feed the hungry, teach the children, love goodness, seek beauty, embody hope . . . be a follower that is an ambassador to the ways of Christ. If your not a follower of the Way, ask Him for the grace to start that journey. I swear my allegiance to a risen Christ, and you can document my life for evidence.

peace to your journey today,

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