Wednesday, July 21, 2004

ok, I'm back from the family travels and let's just say its good to be home. Always a highlight is spending time with my wife and kids, especially since I'll be leaving them again soon. We did the Philly Zoo, cheesesteaks on south street, saw the ships at Penn's landing, went to the NJ shore, walked the boardwalk, ate boardwalk junk food (yes, another cheesesteak), chilled out at my brother's house for a couple days, spent the night at a hotel in downtown pittsburgh with a pool, Pirates game on monday night with $1 hotdogs (my family consumed a cool dozen) and now we're home.

One week from this evening, Palmer and I get on our first of 4 flights for a 13 day spiritual pilgrimmage. 5 days in the Ukraine teaching church planters, then 8 days in England and Scotland for quiet retreat, reading, writing and some good times of course. Suffice to say that I'm pretty excited but I need this week to prepare. Will share more details in the next couple days.

Stop and notice the Kingdom around you today.


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