Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Palmer will arrive at my home any minute now and we will depart for the Cincy airport. Sitting here, I'm realizing that my expectancy is very high. Its a combination of many things. 1) I love to travel, to taste new cultures, to have an adventure 2) I'm expecting to meet my God in solitude 3) I'm expecting to make a Kingdom impact 4) I'm looking forward to being with my friend Palmer, his depth and humility challenge me

As I sat here, Celtic Daily Prayer is here on my desk because it didn't make the cut as I packed for space reasons. (instead im bringing a pocket celtic prayer book given to me by Rains a year ago). I flipped through it and found this prayer for traveling. Let this be my prayer:

"Peace between me and my God.
May I tread the path to the gates of glory.
Rule this heart of mine that it be only Yours.
God's path would I travel, my own path refuse.
May I tread the path to the gates of glory."

Godspeed and protection be ours.


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