Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Final preparations for Europe pilgrimmage 2004 are coming together as we depart tommorrow evening. I will try and blog as much as I can with Internet cafe visits, I'm sure there will be much to report. We will be gone July 28 - August 10 We will be visiting the countries of Ukraine, England and Scotland. I'm most looking forward to visiting Northumbria Community on Holy Island off the coast of northern England. They are trying to workout new forms of celtic monasticism on property that dates back to ancient monasticism. I'm looking forward to dialoguing with them and telling stories of our attempts to be monking in the real world here in the states. That will also be a time of quiet, solitude and prayer.

books in my backpack:
- Lonely planet guidebook to Britain
- my journal
- pocket version of The Message
- Rennovation of the Heart, by Dallas Willard
- The Challenge of Jesus by N.T. Wright
- Celtic Daily Prayer

goals in my heart:
-I want to listen to Abba's voice
-I want to pray by name for my spiritual community
-I want to share the Kingdom
-I want to see the beauty of a culture outside my own
-I want to be an encouragement to all I come into contact with
-I want to experience soul quiet

I leave you with a Celtic prayer by Carmina Gadelica:
"May God make safe to you each step,
May God make open to you each pass,
May God make clear to you each road,
And may he take you in the clasp of his own hands."

Peace of Christ upon you all,

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