Monday, August 30, 2004

been having the hardest time with blogs. I've lost 3 of them in the past week. I think the only place I can blog from is home now so they may not be as frequent.

I got "that" look today. You know the one. The one where someone stares at you because you might have horns growing out of your head. It was in the midst of a conversation where this person was trying to persuade me to teach or lead in a certain way and there was agenda behind it. The inference was that if I taught Christianity in a more simplistic way (i.e. get them saved) then behavior would follow. I said, "Just for the record, I never talk about heaven or hell". There was the "look" and a gasp. Rather, I continued, I try to focus on the Gospel and Transformation. Now to be fair to this individual, its not their fault, they were reacting out of their worldview. This just seems to be the point for me. The reason I have an audience with students is because I focus on the Gospel of the Kingdom and call that out in those I teach. I am not seeking external behaviors, I'm seeking internal transformations. And if the Spirit does the work of transformation, then what follows is a life of loving God and neighbor. This is my 14th year in ministry to students and forgive me if I'm cynical of the "getting saved/walk the aisle/throw your stick in the fire/rededicate your life" one-time decision. I'm looking long term, focusing on living and loving, rather than being entertaining and emotional. The Gospel matters at the intersection of life and students know what a counterfeit smells like.

I got back to working out today, will be lifting and running after school. Let's just say that I'm not 19 anymore, no matter how hard I try.


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