Sunday, August 08, 2004

had a lovely night stay in our priceline hotel in london last night. clean bed, clean shower, air conditioned room, only one roomate . . . it was a welcomed holiday. after checking in, taking a 2 hour nap and getting a shower, we went out to the town. the subway here works great, can take you anywhere at anytime. nothing is more than 10 minutes away. we saw Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the millenium wheel, piccadilly circus, leicester square and trafalgar square all last night. ate a nice italian meal on an outside table and hit a pub called the "Porcupine" for a pint and then brought a pizza back to the room after midnight. pray for mark, he has a cold/bug that is really bothering him but he is pushing through.

we're headed to Hyde Park today to rest and read in the park, listen in on the famous "speaker's corner" and maybe hit the British museum. tommorrow we hit Cambridge to visit the university and then finally making the flight back over the pond home on tuesday morning. the trip has been fun, fascinating at times, exhausting and stretching, inspired and filled with culture. but home is calling me, i'm ready.

peace to you today,

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