Monday, August 16, 2004

Things I learned on my trip to Europe:
1) Its wise for apostles to travel in teams
2) My life is full of counterfeits (idols) that are cheap imitations for the real thing
3) The U.S. is largely blamed for the world's problems
4) Vastly in Church history we have placed high value on physcial space and low value on personal transformation
5) The U.S. is 100 years behind in the movement known as post-modernity (and I'm glad about that)
6) Its hard to find models of people doing community and mission simultaneously
7) The world is a beautiful place for those who have eyes to see it
8) I'm so thankful to have a time in my summer where I could be quiet and just let the wind hit my face. Sometimes you just need to reflect on the fact that you're alive and be reminded of why that's true.

Things I'm thinking about:
1) I have passions and creativities in me that are crying out for an outlet but I haven't found their usefulness yet. If I were an artist I would paint. If I were a musician, I'd write a song. I don't know what my medium is, but some truths are groaning in my belly.
2) I am to focus on remaining "in Christ" and greater transformations of my soul will happen. There are some giants in my life that need a few smooth stones to the forehead.
3) How can a suburban extrovert practice monking in the real world? (baby steps, baby steps)
4) There are atleast 2 different gospels represented in the church today. (its becoming evident that its more than models, styles and forms)
5) that I long to see his Kingdom come to earth again, more and more. that the Kingdom is an unstoppable force that can't be mocked or distracted. It is ultimate reality, we adjust to its flow.

Things I'm praying for:
in the next 24 hours, 2 of my best friends are welcoming new babies into his Kingdom on earth. Please pray for Paul and Nicki McGilivary and Joe and Julie Long.


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