Monday, October 18, 2004

Alot of people criticize blogs that are about the details of our lives as being only narcisistic. So I'll go ahead and post one and confirm their suspicions.

- Had a great time with one of my best friends I've had in this life. Kevin Grand and I have been friends since college and we have logged thousands of hours together in ministry, life, fun and tears. He's going through an unwanted divorce and it was good to give him a weekend of processing and pressure releasing laughter. My daughters are in love with him. They went into mourning the moment he left on Sunday morning. Kevin and I couldn't be more different and we couldn't be better friends.

- Had our OCC annual harvest party on Saturday in the freezing cold. We took a hayride in the pumpkin patch and picked out some pumpkins, as well as ate too many cider donuts. We came back to our house for a chili and cornbread dinner, caramel apple pie, pumpkin pie, hot chocolate etc. etc. We had a big fire outside that the men congregated around for conversation and then after dark we make our own drive-in theater. We projected a DVD on the side of my house with stereo sound and the kids snuggled in their sleeping bags for the halloween themed film. Very cool, we'll definitely do that again sometime. Community time never disappoints.

- I still feel sick from the Bengals game on Sunday. The great deliverance out of slavery in Egypt apparently never happened. We look and feel like the same ole Bengals. Another Sunday pathetic debaucle followed by poor excuses. Is it too much to ask for that we just be good? Not Super Bowl team, just decent, instead of the easiest team on everybody else's schedule. I was so excited to go the first Monday Night game in Cincinnati since 1990 next week with some of the boys. Now I'm just excited to hang with the boys, the Bengals are an afterthought. Yes, I still feel sick to my stomach.
But my Philly Eagles are 5-0, so there's hope for something.

- I have the final step in my hiring process on Friday afternoon for Indiana Wesleyan University. I will be teaching Bible Electives in night classes one night a week. In order for me to remain at CCS as a high school Bible teacher financially, I have to get another income somewhere that makes sense. Now I can teach Bible in my day job and my night job. Ideally, I would love to teach at the college lever full-time. Maybe this is a step in that direction. For now, it is very part-time. I thank Abba for the opportunity to make a living at one of the things I do well, regardless of how much I have to do it just to make that living. This will increase my workload, but also my opportunities to announce the Kingdom, so its a trade-off.

- I loved spending time with my kids this weekend, they are so much fun and fill my life with such meaning. This just in, my wife is an amazing person. She juggles 3 kids, a business, friendships, admin. of our community, hospitality needs and still has time and attention to date me. I only hope that I enhance and support her life as she does mine. My future is bright with her in my corner.

peace unto your house,

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