Wednesday, October 13, 2004

In the words of the infamous 70's music sensation, Geroge Clinton: "WE WANT THE FUNK, GOTTA HAVE THAT FUNK!"

I've been feeling funky, but not in the hip/groovy kind of way, in the "why is my head in a haze?" kind of way. I suppose its the reason for my lack of blogging, I just having been feeling very introspective. I really feel like I could benefit from a retreat day, a day to get alone and just think/pray/read/get my inner house in order. But that day doesn't seem to be on the horizon. The weekend is packed (w/good stuff) and I can't afford to take a day off work right now. I'm not feeling empty or dry, I'm quite content and learning new stuff all the time, just feeling funky. I go into stints where my mind and heart want to contemplate deeply about issues either within me or I see around me in the world, and if I can't take the time to process it, I just have troubles functioning in the real world.

I guess here are some questions on my mind:
1) The reality of Kingdom come is all around us, but why do we still worship idols?
2) Does God still work miracles? And if so, why do I not believe it all the time?
3) Do our busy schedules and busy lives make God sad?
4) When was the last time I made room in my heart to care about starving children who have already died today somewhere on this earth?
5) How many widows (single moms) and orphans have I passed by this week that were in need?
6) God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things. Who am I that he should care?
7) Am I more American than I am Christian?
8) Is abortion the only pro-life issue Christ followers should care about?
9) Will I ever improve on the things that I am not good at?
10) Why does my heart feel sad?


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