Friday, May 06, 2005

It's Prom Night

Tonight, my wife and I are chaperoning our school's junior/senior prom. Of course we are at a Christian school so there will be no dancing, rather its a banquet with some entertainment. Prom always brings back memories for me because 14 years ago, I rushed to ask a certain girl to my senior prom because I knew that she was going to be asked by another dude that night. I wasn't one to sit back, and thankfully she agreed to go w/ me. In fact she went to another school and her prom was the same night so we agreed to go to both of our proms on the same night. She looked amazing on prom night, we had a blast and 2 years later we got married :) I told my students to be careful who they are going with because you never know how permanent that date may be.

Palmer's surgery seemed to go well, check out his blog for an update. In fact he managed to get a 2 for 1 special. As they were removing the tumor they noticed his appendix was huge, so they removed that as well. He's 1/2 the Palmer he used to be, physically speaking.

peace to your weekend,

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