Thursday, May 19, 2005

Staying up for the Sith Lord

Well I joined the freak show last night by seeing the 12:01 a.m. showing of Star Wars Episode 3 and now am running on fumes and 2 hours of sleep. I was met by Glenn Johnson and a myriad of present and former students of mine, some dressed in costume. A brief review would be that I liked this one MUCH better than the previous 2 that were released. I liked Episode 1 okay, if not just for the effects of the pod races and the epic battle at the end. I HATED Episode 2 for its incredibly poor acting, cheap thrills and the incredibly cheezy lovey dovey crap between Anniken and the queen.

Episode 3 opens with a battle scene that was actually the best scene of the movie in my mind. I was waiting for something like it later in the movie but nothing quite got there for me. Great sabre duels, a much better storyline to follow and much less of the mushy garbage. It was more similar to the original 3 episodes released than the last 2 mainstream ones. It did a good job of leading you right to the beginning of Episode 4 and the original Star Wars. In fact it makes me want to sit down right now and watch the 1977 original.

Oh yeah, and the freak show of people waiting in line in costume was pretty cool too.


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