Friday, July 08, 2005

back to western culture

we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany this morning and i can say that i was ready for the comforts that the West provides. you realize how spoiled we are when you have to do without. we have a pretty decent hotel with a pool and gives us a comfy place to chill and catch up on sleep.

my last couple days in india went real well. met up with 2 of jim hendersons friends. 1st was jacob isaacs of kerygma coffee house. he is a bro, if i lived there in bangalore, i would make sure to spend a lot of time with him. his ministry philosophy is very kin to mine and he had more a grasp on india and its youth culture than anybody i met there. a very bright guy and i tried to convince him to start blogging cuz many of you need to know him too. Bert cherian was the 2nd guy, another extremely intelligent and passionate thinker. we talked over many topics re: busniness, world affairs, church, transformation issues and the like. really enjoyed my time with him. good to hang out with a couple guys who are not so steeped in traditional church.

now im paying for my internet time in the cafe in downtown frankfurt so thats all for now. catch y all soon.


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