Wednesday, July 06, 2005

India Report # 9

I have now completed the teaching portion of my trip and I am quite relieved. I have taught 41 times in 11 days. It makes me quite tired. At the same time I have been very well received and have gotten numerous invitations to return and teach more. I feel very content that I accomplished what I came here to do. Particularly being able to share the house church model yesterday with about 60 pastors, many of them took it to heart. Some of their eyes were as big as saucers as if I was giving them the cure to cancer. I children I taught as well were very receptive to me. It was the seminary students though that I felt the most connection with feel I made the largest impact. Some of them wanted to make sure how much it meant to them and how many pages of notes they took and will keep to study over. God is good.

I went out again last night on the motorcycle to another village. This time we went into the homes of 2 families that were unbelievers. They are open to learning more about Jesus so I was able to share some stories about Jesus in their home while sitting under the mantle of their Hindu idol whom they worship. If their was any demonic force attached to those idols, I can't think they were very happy. They were very receptive and seemed to listen intently. Then they would bring their children to me that I would bless them. In their culture, this is the role of the Hindu Guru, usually in exchange for $. I prayed over these children in the name of Jesus and then turned and thanked them for the opportunity. May the Holy Spirit use these interactions to draw them into the Kingdom.

I will be meeting with a couple friends of Jim Henderson's tommorrow in Bangalore and then we fly to Germany tommorrow night. This will be my last blog from India as the next one will come from Europe most likely.

Keep Nicki in your prayers today as she is attending to her Grandma's funeral. I so wish I could be there.


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