Friday, July 01, 2005

India Report #4

I have spent the past 36 hours wrestling in bed with a pretty bad fever and body aches. Yesterday afternoon, a Dr. here on campus gave me some sample antibiotics and I hope they are doing the trick. Its 3:00 a.m. and I'm awake now due to a splitting headache that I can't shake. I haven't eaten anything in a couple days with the exception of water. Most likely, I am going to cancel my teaching trip as even if I could make the trek, I wouldn't be much of a teacher. My stomach feels so nauseated and I long for some American food. All I want to do is drink and some Gatorade or something of the sort would be real good right now to replenish my electrolytes and give me some sugar.

On a different note, from what I understand since I've been sick in bed, Ali has been keeping students and workers here busy playing Go Fish and Barbie Uno. She doesn't mind being the center of attention (kind of a Marshall thing) and her joy is an international language. She has made great friends with a few of the orphans and they come knocking at her door to play each evening. "Ali, come play now" (insert Indian/British accent). It amazes me how well she has adjusted to being in a foreign land. She hasn't complained about the food and hasn't mentioned any of her comforts in America. She is just going with the flow. That makes me very proud.

peace to wherever you are this day and may your head feel better than mine,

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