Friday, July 01, 2005

India Report #3

Need prayer, had a real bad night. Throughout my teaching yesterday I started feeling weak and getting the chills. After my last teaching last night, I began coming down w/ a fever. I wrestled all night with aches and pains due to the high fever. In addition, my stomach is very upset and I can't keep food in, so I'm as well feeling dehydrated and weak. The fever has broken for the moment but I still feel very weak. Pray that I can rest well today because I'm scheduled to leave for the weekend to a remote village to do some more teaching. That area will not have any of the comforts that I have here and I cannot eat or drink anything I come into contact with there. So its pretty imperative that I'm well before we depart. I need God to intervene, please pray.

peace to you,

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