Friday, April 07, 2006

2 more deaths = 2 more funerals

My step-grandfather passed on Monday morning and I'll be officiating that funeral on Tuesday at the retirement home.

One of my wife's cousin's had a tragic death, possibly self-inflicted and we will attend that service in the morning.

Its been a long work-week, very busy and that has its pros and cons. My mind doesn't dwell on things, so that is good. But I've also had no time to commune with the Father and that leaves me feeling disconnected. I really need to plan my weeks better now because my workload has so increased that I need boundaries. I need time to decompress, recreate and connect with my family. My daughter, Megan, said this morning, "Daddy, we never get to see you anymore." That's not good and needs to change.

I need to find a rythymn to life and with the torn achilles, I think some of it has to do with time to exercise where I prayed and thought, now I don't have it. So this weekend I'm going to sign us up for the family YMCA and make time to commune w/ God in exercise i can do while rehabbing, and having a place to play with my kids. The weekend is looking up.


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