Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Daddy-Daughter date

Ali and I had a Daddy-Daughter date for a bit last night. We went to St. Elizabeth's with 2 of OCC's house churches for Via Crucis "Immersion". The interactive and sometimes digital stations of the cross. OCC did station #1 and Student House Church did station #3, amazing jobs. The stations were moving. Art, technology and theology all coming together, a truly great idea. Ali loved the interaction with each station, causing her to reflect.

Afterwards, we did some hangin' with the OCC crowd at Skyline and then Ali and I went for dessert. Ali was bouncing in her seat with excitement (it may have been the mountain dew). We ordered dessert and gave us a chance to have a one on one. I expressed to her how proud her Mom and I are of the person she is becoming. How much we appreciate her help with Zach, how helpful she is to us around the house. I also took the opportunity to affirm her mind, her thinking, her care for others and her heart for God. It means a lot to pass on blessing to my children. I am very proud of Ali, and don't even get me started talking about her dominance on the soccer field . . . she's a beast!!

With my new work schedule, I cherish these opportunities. With the passing of Chad and Palmer, I cherish these moments even more. Life is too short to just earn money and be a consumer. Life is a gift and can be lived in the rythymn and flow of the Spirit of God. His Kingdom has come and is continuing to come all around us, if we take the time to stop and notice.


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