Monday, April 03, 2006

reflecting w/ peace

Like many of those around me in this spiritual community, I'm pretty worn out physically and emotionally. My niece passed before Christmas, my achilles tendon snapped at end of January, Chad Canipe passed 3 weeks ago, Mark Palmer passed a week ago and . . . my brother-in-law has been in the hospital for the past 5 days with extreme joint pain and unable to use his legs at all. Turns out he has rheumatoid arthritis and is seeking treatment, so I prayed for him on the phone before heading down to Palmer's wake on Saturday. Yesterday, I got a call from my Mom to come to my step-grandfather's bed in hospice. I spent most of Sunday in hospice reading Scriptures over him and praying blessings upon his journey as he labored in breath and didn't want to leave his wife of over 60 years. That is another funeral I will officiate this week. Friends, I'm very tired.

But . . . here's the thing. With all of the sorrow and the pain of the past few months, I'm having a hard time understanding how it can come directly alongside so much beauty. I have been as often in tears about the joy of living in intimate spiritual community that has the power of lasting covenant as I have been about loss. I have heard heroes of mine eulogized of lives lived with passion and Christlike leadership.

Palmer and Canipe were spiritual giants to me, I sat under their teaching as I received their friendship.

I have no words to describe the Elpida community, simply they are the realization of one of the deepest dreams in my heart.

I learned why Palmer loved LP as I made new friends with his spiritual family. I truly cherish these new found friendships and desire for them to flourish.

I love hangin' w/ the emerging generations of this movement, Erin, Emily, Katie, Megan and Zion in particular. I'm a big fan of the teenage years and these kids are really "getting" what we're all about.

There is nowhwere on earth where I would rather be than at our house of peace, that is the Brownhouse. Kevin and Tracy Rains do hospitality like artwork. I honor their gifts amongst us.

Ordinary Community is taking seriously what it means to follow Jesus, they are my home.

My wife is my rock, I couldn't hold up w/out her support and love for me. My children are my joy, may they be blessed today.

this turned into a stream of consciousness, i told you i was tired.


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