Thursday, May 25, 2006

DaVinci . . . Da whattie?

the whole DaVinci code thing has been hyped and debated ad nausea. I never read the book, my wife did, and she liked it as literature.

being the scholar that I am, I just went and saw the movie and skipped the book. As a movie, I give it like a 6.5 on a scale of 10. Entertaining, interesting, but it had like 6 endings and left me wanting to leave after ending #3. By far my favorite character was Silas, the aesthetic albino monk. He was GREAT!! A total religious freak, loyal to the end, only to be used and betrayed by the institution. As his heart broke with the knowledge of him being betrayed by the entity he had given his soul to, I couldn't help but relate to him.

the premise of the story is humorously fictional. Dan Brown's claims of historicity are simply controversial hype to sell tickets which makes him smart. If he really believes in the conspiracy, then it puts him in the category of dumb. That 325 A.D. and the Council of Nicea was the 1st time people had the idea of making Christ divine is laughable. But what was really humorous is that the catholic (universal) church has been operating on this cover up for a couple milleniums is comedy. So every hospital built in 3rd world countries, every mouth fed at the hand of Mother Theresa and others, every widow being cared for, every martyr slain was all under the great cover up that Jesus was just a teacher and not God resurrected. As well the notion that real freedom is in the dismantling of this cospiracy, so that men and women are free only when Jesus is not who he claimed to be. therefore, we are really all alone, we have no identity in a larger story, we lack purpose. we are but sacks of cells on the 3rd rock from the sun. this life is a breath and its meaningless. i don't buy it.

So the protests and such are just more symptoms of a church in a culture war instead of one rooted in the Gospel of Kingdom. But, no question, within our culture is a raging debate over the nature of Truth and its implications. The postmodern context prefers to explain away all absolute truths. That is heresy. The DaVinci code is fictional, but the debate over the nature of Truth is a conversation the people of God ought to be a part of. By good study, I take on faith that Jesus was Divine, sinless, crucified, died, resurrected, ascended and coming again. I take on faith and good study that the Old and New Testament Scriptures are True. It is my conviction that the Kingdom of God is the basis of all reality and everything in all Creation is sourced from it.

peace to your weekeend,

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