Monday, May 29, 2006

Community-Fest weekend

It was a FULL weekend. OCC bbq on Friday night. Mini-elpida gathering on Saturday afternoon, evening and late, late night. (Beans, Johnsons, Palmers, Bishops, Marshalls, Klinefelters). The Bishops stayed the weekend and Amy and Micah Palmer stayed a night. OCC leadership gathering on Sunday morning and Student House Church on Sunday evening. Nicki and I are exhausted with all the preppin' and cleanin' but we love it. So blessed to have amazing spiritual family all around us.

Bean brought me a couple of book requests (send me the invoice please, Beanius) and I'm kind of excited to read them:

"Simply Christian: Why Christianity makes sense" by N.T. Wright


"The Secret Message of Jesus" by Brian McLaren. Here's a quote from McLaren:
“Jesus forms a movement of people who trust him and believe his message. They believe that they don’t have to wait for this or that to happen, but rather that they can begin living in a new and better way now, a way of life Jesus conveys by the pregnant phrase kingdom of God. Life for them now is about an interactive relationship – reconciled to God, reconciled to one another – and so they see their entire lives as opportunity to make the beautiful music of God’s kingdom so that more and more people will be drawn into it, and so that the world will be changed by their growing influence. ”

That's what I'm talking about, Brian.


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