Thursday, June 15, 2006

Achilles update

Jan. 29 - went down in pain as my achilles had a complete rupture

Feb. 2 - Achilles repair surgery

Feb. 7 - diagnosed with blood clot in leg

Early April - walking cast came off

Early April - began swimming, biking and elliptical training in gym

End of May - began light treadmill training

June 15 - ran outside on track (1.5 mile jog, 10 40 yard sprints)

Am now back running outside, begin training for Fall races.

Nov. 4 - Will run the Mason Mini-Marathon 15k (9.3 miles)

Nov. 23 - Will run the Thanksgiving Day 10K downtown (6.2 miles)

Am going into 4 months of training. I want to run like a monk. Slow, deliberate, focused, on mission.

On November 4th, when I cross that finish line, I will proclaim a full recovery.

Until then, I train my body and mind.

As always, I'm running for Palmer.

peace to whatever your training to do,

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