Friday, June 02, 2006

rainy dayz and missin' my boyz

I'm not sure why it hit me, but as I left the YMCA this morning after my workout, I ran to my car in the pouring rain and all of the sudden sadness came over me. I began to just miss Palmer and Chad. I put on some Deathcab for Cutie on the iPod and listened to it all morning getting ready for work. Sorrow and rain just go together. I feel guilty that I am with my family this day and my boyz are without theirs. Maybe a better way of saying it is that their families are without them since Chad and Palmer probably aren't missing anything at all. Depending on your theology, they are either reigning with Jesus now or sleeping until the Resurrection of the dead. But I'm missing them, as I know their families are. Specifically, I want to call Palmer and just update our lives together. I want to plan with him the next time we all meet at the Brownhouse. I miss that. I want to read Chad's blog and hear him describe the next beautiful thing he wants to create. I want to walk into Barnes and Noble and see him already there, drinking coffee, reading a book waiting for the rest of us fight club boyz who are late. I'm missing my boyz today, it hurts.

CCS has graciously allowed me to give a couple minutes of closing remarks at graduation this Sunday, as well as the benediction. I have been thinking for 2 weeks of what I want to say to the seniors whom I have journeyed with for the past 4 years. But not til this morning did I ask, "Lord, what do you want to say?" There are a lot of questions in life, but only some of them are important.

To the Canipes, Amy, Micah and the LP community, you are never far from my thoughts. Kingdom Now.


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