Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary Nicole!

Yesterday was our 13 year anniversary, I was able to take the day off and then we went out last night to dinner, movie, coffee and dessert. The CCS Senior class gave me a card on my last day there back in mid-March and it was stuffed w/ cash for a night out w/ my wife, so we used it last night. Thank you, Seniors!

Nicki and I reflected last night on our 13 year journey together and we've been through a lot of wars, transitioned or started a few ministries, and made incredible friendships. Have I ever told you about my wife? She's pretty amazing. Works extremely hard at being a Mom, administrates OCC, keeps me organized, serves her friends, manages our finances, supports her family and plays a very mean and physical defense as a soccer fullback. Nicki has brought so much healing to my heart and soul, she was the stability I never had and it has allowed me to become the leader I always wanted to be. Oh yeah, and she's turning 33 next week and is smokin' hot. I'm a very big fan of hers ;)

We saw the movie "Break up" last night w/ Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston. Its actually more of a drama than a comedy, pretty stressful and realistic relational tension in this movie. It made me think of the many relationships out there, particularly marital ones, that are hurting. Where intimacy is not shared because there is such pain and mistrust between the 2 parties. If that is you, I can only say to pursue the dream of what you always wanted your marriage to be. Open your heart to the pain and walk through it w/ the one your comitted to. Our whole culture functions better and lives are more full when marriages in our communities are healthy. Keep the dream alive and pay the price to walk through the tensions.


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