Monday, November 26, 2007

Bengals 35 Titans 6

Chad & T.J.

Where in the world has this team been all year? As I predicted, after it was already too late, they would start pouring it on. I can only shake my head and wonder, its not the first time they broke our hearts and then showed us they were capable all along. As well as they played yesterday, we only have next year to look forward to regardless of the fact we have 5 games left to play this year. This team is a roller coaster of emotions. I tried not to care, it didn't work. Good to see the Bengals play to their potential.

On a Buckeyes note: Go Oklahoma and Pitt! If one of them wins, we're in the big show game again and let's hope if we get there that we show up this time.



Bob Bowen said...

Go Mizzou! Go WVU!!

Mike Bishop said...

"we're in the big show game again..." and will get smoked by WVU:)

Just hope for a nice Rose Bowl, Marshall. Of course, you might have to play USC, which won't be a picnic either.

Probably better off watching Timmy Tebow run ramshod over Illinois in the Zook Bowl.

Marsh said...

bobby, r u still sad your little blue lost THE game again and got the broken carr fired?

michael, i don't like to live in the past. I've repressed all memories of your gator-bait squeaking out that game last year ;) T-bownn is too young to shave, so the Heisman belongs to whichever player can be drafted next year to help the Dolphins win more than zero games.

George said...

You are rooting for a Pittsburgh team!
Now if we can just get you to root for the Steelers along with Pitt! hahaha!
Good to see you posting.

George Howell