Friday, November 16, 2007

Today's Sports News

At the age of 79, the ole lefthander, Joe Nuxhall has passed away after several ailments he had been fighting. Youngest player to ever play MLB but more importantly around here in Cincy, a beloved long-time broadcaster. Joe was Joe, he often got the call incorrect and mispronounced player names, but he's a Cincy icon nonetheless. RIP Lefty.

Barry Bonds was indicted on federal perjury charges . . . yawn.

The Bengals aren't very good and they are playing the Cardinals at home this Sunday who as well aren't very good . . . yawn.

A-Rod signed a 10 year, $275 million contract with the Yankees . . . double yawn.

I will be heading down to UC stadium tonight to see the biggest high school football game in the country tonight. According to Sports Illustrated, nationally ranked #2 St. Xavier High School is playing #8 Colerain High School tonight in the Ohio state playoffs. I have no dog in this fight, no connection to either team but I like great football and take pride that we have kept the Division I state championship down here in the Nati for the past several years and away from the schmucks up north in the state. Ohio is arguably the "best" football state in the nation, this is where football was born. (Are you listening Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and California?)

The Ohio State Buckeyes have business to handle in Ann Arbor Michigan this Saturday afternoon. A loss there is not an option and not acceptable. The national championship does not matter, beating the team up north is all that matters.

peace to your weekend,


Anonymous said...

Bucks took care of business up north...not so much at Paul Brown.

Marsh said...

Amanda, you speak such painful words of truth here.