Monday, November 05, 2007

Turn back the clock

So this weekend we turned back the clock to "fall back" and the Bengals have decided to take it to a whole other level. They have turned back the clock and become the Bengals of the 1990's who were the most losing professional organization for a decade. It is hard to watch them, they are not a good football team. They are still my team and always will be, but its painful. The season is over as far as playoffs go, so now all that is left is to show what kind of real character they have.

The so-called prolific offense has scored 14 pts. or less in 2 straight weeks.
The siv of a defense is on pace to give up more points than any other previous Bengals team at over 30 pts. a game. And this is all w/ a soft schedule.

"You can't pinpoint one thing or another," free safety Madieu Williams said. "The point is we have to find a way to win a football game. It's getting tough each week to say the same thing with the result being the same."

All I can say, Madieu, is the only thing I can pinpoint is that these are the same results we suffered through from 1990 - 2003. I need some Pepto.

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