Sunday, July 20, 2003

Geez, I'm exhausted, what a great weekend! The Midwest Greenhouse @ the Brownhouse was Epic! I feel filthy rich in social capital. I want to send out a few "thanks" to some of my highlights.

Thanks to:
Tracy Rains- for her hospitality, that chick worked her tail off for us.
Creecher- dude, you are a trip, the many impersonations brought concerts of laughter. Joy and depth pours out of you, I love being a recipient.
Bean- your comment about what we thought was "transformation" can really be our misguided attempt to control a "system" was a provocative thought and I believe to be dead on.
Mark- giving direction to this group of rag-tags ain't easy, thanks for your leadership this weekend.
The Best family- I will never listen to the Monday Night football theme the same again thanks to J.J.
The Bishop- we met in Boise but became brothers sitting in 2 hours of traffic and purchasing the "beverage tank" for the weekend. Your perceptions of the disciplined life took a hold of me, I am meditating on the "only gateways to the graces of God"
Palmers- loved hanging out w/ "the landing place" crew, I long for Jennifer's healing and Ordinary Community will not tire of groaning before God for his Resurrection to be glorified in her body.
The Blaylocks- thank you Sandy for your challenges, don't stop now, keep seeking the truth of the Kingdom of God amongst us.
Owen & Sandy Brock- your wisdom, gifts and graces are more than impacting on Vineyard Central, they have been an encouragement to the Body as whole here in Cincy. Look forward to many years of continued Kingdom building with y'all here in the Nati.
Ken Oester- thank you for hosting a conversation with my daughter, Megan, the beauty of real community is Kingdom come.
Glen & Cathy & Jason - Veritas is always representin', you guys rock, Nicki and I feel so kindred with your journey, we love our being interconnected with y'all
Chad- thanks for the projector (i.e. neccesary liturgical tool), always leading our way as far as high tech. goes, your wisdom and depth are a constant source of encouragement to me
K-rains - Bro, the virus is spreading! I don't think you have any idea of the scope of influence that Christ is incarnating through you (and you not knowing is a good thing), thanks for all your hard work of administration, connecting and leading the cause to get the Bishop here. I honor your sensitive heart and grace, nice contrast to my "bull in the china shop approach". Let's continue to march into the enemy's camp and pick a fight there, mayhem is our friend. Can anyting good come out of Cincinnati? Bring it on.


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