Saturday, July 26, 2003

ok, 4 days til I jettison off across seas and I feel myself preparing, not just physically, but emotionally/spiritually. This is a great opportunity and I want to soak it up for all its worth. I don't want to just travel, I want to go on a pilgrimmage. I want to be accompanied by the saints who have gone before me and I want to journey not to a place, but closer to the heart of God. I want to see the living stones (people) of the areas I visit. I want to see and experience diversity. I want to know what its like to live Slavic, to live western-european so that I don't say "god bless america", but "god bless all his children on earth". I want to take another step towards building a worldview that is more Kingdom than american. I have pride in being culturally american, but no tolerance if it interferes with me as an heir and son in the Kingdom of God. Render unto Ceasar, you know? The learning edge for me as an extreme extrovert and spontaneous personality is to go on this adventure and pay attention to "soul quiet" as well. Meet and greet folk, but retreat to solitude, quiet my heart, and experience the God of all humanity. I anticipate finding beauty in unexpected places. To commune with my savior as he teaches me more about his children.


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