Wednesday, July 02, 2003

This is a snip of a conversation online between the honorable Alan Creech and myself today. It doesn't take much for us to get our passion areas out on the table when it comes to the Kingdom of God and us submitting to it. Let me know if any of this connects with you.

cmarsh222: the Kingdom is not about celebrities, $$ and organizational structure
cmarsh222: until we die to that crap, we will never experience the future
cmarsh222: the Kingdom heroes are shepherds, screw ups, prostitututes, carpenter's stepsons, nomads, outcasts, . . . now you got me preaching
cmarsh222: We have to change what we count and change what we value, if not, we are irrelevant, and not in the good way that Nouwen talked about
cmarsh222: we are still more american than we are distinctively Christian, and that has to end
AlanCrch: aman!
cmarsh222: one cup of coffee and you have me preachin'
AlanCrch: ha lay loo ya!

Thanks Alan for listening to my ranting. The Kingdom is Now.


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